Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology 5th Edition

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This book has been written to help the primary care physician reach a diagnosis of a rash or lesion with the patient sitting in front of him. The three interlocking components of the book – the algorithms, the descriptive text and the colour photographs – should be used together in reaching a diagnosis. The chapters are divided into the different body areas, and the algorithms deal with the differential diagnosis of similar lesions or rashes.  In the 5th edition published in April 2021 is fully updated and includes treatment and multipe images off skin conditions in white and pigmented skin types.


1. Introduction to dermatological diagnosis
2. Introduction to dermatological treatment
3. Hairy scalp
4. Acute erythematous rash on the face
5. Chronic erythematous rash on the face
6. Mouth, tongue, lips and ears
7. Acute erythematous rash on the trunk
8. Chronic erythematous rash on the trunk
9. Non-erythematous lesions
10. Flexures: axilla, groin, natal cleft, submammary area
11. Genitalia
12. Lower legs
13. Hands and feet
14. Nails

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